Viennese Waltz – Strictly Come Dancing

Viennese Waltz is a ballroom dance, its origins date back to 12th/13th centuries. It originally comes from Bavaria and it used to be called the “German”. There have been articles in the Paris magazine “La Patrie” claiming that waltz was first danced in Paris in 1178, not under the name waltz but as the Volta from the Provence.

Samba – Strictly Come Dancing

The Samba originated from Brazil and is that country’s official dance. It is a festival dance and is danced in street festivals and parades. People dancing in the Nottinghill Carnival are Samba dancers, which is similar to the people dancing at Carnival in Rio. A Samba dancer is known in Brazil as a Sambista.

Foxtrot – Strictly Come Dancing

The Foxtrot is a ballroom dance that takes its name from its originator, the entertainment actor Harry Fox. The basic Foxtrot rhythm is slow-slow-quick-quick. The dance was first performed in 1914, and the couple Vernon and Irene Castle, gave the dance its signature grace and style.