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Sid Owen

Sid Owen, born 12 January 1972 is an English actor, television presenter and former singer.

Sid Owen is among one of the fourteen celebrity contestants who will be taking part in the Strictly Come Dancing series 10.

Sid Owen Strictly Come Dancing Series 10, 2012

Sid Owen Strictly Come Dancing Series 10, 2012

Sid Owen will be dancing with professional dancer Ola Jordan.

Sid Owen is most famous for playing the role of Ricky Butcher in the BBC One soap opera EastEnders, which he appeared in from 1988 until 2012. On 22 July 2012 Owen confirmed he had retired from acting.

Sid Owen grew up in Sutton, south west London but began attending the famous Anna Scher Drama School in Islington. There, Sid’s natural talent and charisma saw him land a role in a BBC adaptation of Oliver Twist. He also met Patsy Palmer at the school, who later would go on to be his onscreen wife.

In acting his big break came in 1985 when he was cast as Ned, Al Pacino’s son, in the film Revolution when he was 14. Two years later aged 16, Sid auditioned for the role of Ricky in the soap EastEnders. Sid’s performance as the lovable but under the thumb mechanic made him instantly recognisable on the streets of Great Britain, whilst his wife Bianca coined him a household catchphrase, as the nation yelled “Rickkkkkay!”.

This year we, Strictly fans will be screaming, “shake Rickkkay”!

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