Aleksandra ‘Ola’ Jordan

Ola is a Polish-born Latin American specialist. She took part for the first time in Strictly Come Dancing in series 4, with DJ Spoony.

Ola and her husband James have been dancing professionally for the last four years.

Ola’s favourite dance is the samba and outside dancing she does yoga.

Polish-born Aleksandra (Ola) is a Latin American specialist and, with her husband James, is taking part in Strictly Come Dancing for the first time.

Ola and James have been dancing together for six years, professionally for the last three years.

Although initially quiet and subdued, Ola is bubbly and talkative once she comes out of her shell, so Spoony should watch out as Ola says: “I’m not afraid to be nasty if that’s what it takes.”

Ola’s favourite dance is the samba, and outside dancing she is a yoga fanatic – which helps keeps her toned and supple for dancing.

Career Highs:

  • 2006 British Open Rising Star Professional Latin Runners Up
  • Top 2 Representative of England for World Championships (Sept 2006)
  • UK Open Rising Star Finalists 2006
  • Closed British finalists 2005
  • Amateur International Open Championships, ranked Top 12 in World

Performance on Strictly Come Dancing:

  • Series 4 – eliminated in week 3 with DJ Spoony.
  • Series 5 – was in the final five with Kenny Logan.
  • Series 6 – will be dancing with Andrew Castle.

Ola Jordan

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