James Jordan

James Jordan is a successful English dancer. His partner is Aleksandra ‘Ola’ Jordan who is a professional dancer as well. In November 2006 they were third for Professional Latin in the British National Championships.

James Jordan and Aleksandra Jordan first recorded dance as a dance partnership was in the Dutch Open in 2000.

Straight-talking James is a Latin American specialist. He and his dance partner and wife, Aleksandra, are both taking part in their first Strictly Come Dancing competition.

They have been dancing together for six years and turned professional in 2003. Since then they have been Closed British finalists in 2005, UK Open Rising Star finalists and British Open Rising Star Professional Latin runners-up in 2006.

Based in Hong Kong, James teaches dance as well as dancing professionally. James describes his teaching style as patient but straightforward and to the point, and he won’t be afraid to speak his mind as he would really love to win.

“If anyone says they aren’t in it to win it, they are lying – because that’s ultimately what everyone wants. I believe I can win – I think I might just do it!”

James Jordan

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