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Heather Small refuses to wear skimpy outfits on Strictly Come Dancing

Heather, 33, has been practising for four hours a day for the BBC programme.

She said: “Ola really worked that catsuit. You wondered, ‘Who’s she dancing with again?’.

“I am not mad keen on revealing a lot so I am going to try to make sure I am elegant.

“When you dance and are being judged, the judges need to be able to see your body.

“But it’s not all about being as sexy as you can. For me, it’s about showing myself in the best light, body-wise and dancing-wise. I don’t do short.”

Heather, who partners Brian Fortuna, turned down the show several times before agreeing to appear in the new series.

She said: “I said no before because I thought I would look foolish but you live and learn.

“This is something that has made me, my family, my friends and my friends’ mothers happy. I have no regrets – but get back to me after Saturday!”

Each week, Heather will face the judges – Arlene Phillips, Len Goodman, Craig Horwood and Bruno Tonioli – something she is dreading.

Heather said: “I am trying to do the best I can so they have the least to say. But, whatever you do, the judges will be judges.

“Backstage, everybody is egging everybody on. There’s no rivalry-you’ve got the judges, so you don’t need anybody else to tear you apart – they do that.

“They give you no leeway. There’s no second chance. They come out with all guns blazing.”


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