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Martina Hingis and Matthew Cutler first to leave!

Out of the sixteen couples who are taking part in this series, eight couples danced their individual ballroom dance on Friday night. They were Crimewatch presenter Rav Wilding and his dance partner Aliona Vilani, EastEnders star Ricky Groves and partner Erin Boag, BBC sports presenter Chris Hollins and Ola Jordan, former tennis champion Martina Hingis and partner Matthew Cutler, athlete Jade Johnson and partner Ian Waite, actress Linda Bellingham and partner Darren Bennett, actress Ali Bastian and partner Brian Fortuna and boxing champion Joe Calzagie and partner Kristina Rihanoff.

There was a group dance from the other eight couples who took part in the competition. To make the competition harder the couples had to do two dances. On Saturday night the same eight couples who faced the public vote had to perform a Latin dance.  After the dance off judges decided to save Rav Wilding and Aliona Vilani. The vote was a tie but Len Goodman supper vote made Martina Hingis and Matthew Cutler to say good bye.

Here are the scores from both dances for each couple:

  • Ali Bastian and Brian Fortuna – 30 + 30 = 60
  • Chris Hollins and Ola Jordan – 26 + 30 = 56
  • Jade Johnson and Ian Waite – 25 + 27 = 52
  • Ricky Groves and Erin Boag – 21 + 26 = 47
  • Martina Hingis and Matthew Cutler – 22 + 24 = 46
  • Linda Bellingham and Darren Bennett – 21 + 23 = 44
  • Rav Wilding and Aliona Vilani – 19 + 22 = 41
  • Joe Calzagie and Kritina Rihanoff – 16 + 16 = 32


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