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Strictly Come Dancing 2012 Week 8 Denise and James 37 scored

The first couple to dance was Danni Harmer and Vincent Simone. They danced the Samba to Beyonce’s “Single Lady”.

Bruno said, “You won’t be single for long.”

Craig – “One hot little dancer, I love all the quotations!”

9, 9, 9, 9 = 36

The second couple to dance was Kimberley Walsh and Pasha Kovalev. They danced the Tango and scored 34.

Darcey  – “the story telling was wonderful. The top line, the attack was brilliant I loved it!”

Len –“Your hold goes, in and out, sometimes it’s there and sometimes it’s not!

The next couple to dance was Victoria Pendleton and Brendon Cole. Their Salsa didn’t sizzle enough and so they scored only 21 from the judges.

As they danced to the song, “Candy” Bruno had some sweets for the judges. Bruno got given a Candy, Len got a Hum-bug, Darcey got Sweet hearts, and Craig got a Gobble stopper.

Len said, “I’m gonne call you a light Victoria sponge.”

The next couple to dance was Louis Smith and Flavia Cacace. They danced the Pasodoble to Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana”. The dance lacked the fire and aggression of a Paso Doble and hence scored 27.

Darcey – “I missed the story!”

Len – “You have to come out and attack, there was no fire in the dance.”

The next couple to dance was Lisa Riley and Robin Windsor. They danced the Rumba and scored 27.

Len – “The feeling of the dance wasn’t there, it wasn’t exciting.”

The next couple to dance was Michael Vaughan and Natalie Lowe. They danced the Argentine Tango and scored 26.

Bruno – “Michael the look of painful concentration on your face. There was no relationship between you and Natalie at all. It was just a series of steps.”

Craig – “It lacked any resistance and lead.”

The seventh couple to dance was Nicky Byrne and Karen Hauer. They danced the Charleston. It was a very energetic dance and they scored 36.

Craig – “Well it wasn’t a disaster darling, that was your best!”

Darcey –“It was magic, I loved it!”

The last couple to dance was Denise Van Outen and James Jordan. They danced the American Smooth to “Imagine” and scored the highest for the night, which was 37.

Len – “There was just wave after wave of effortless move, the look of it was class!”

Craig made a humorous comment – “James your thumb was up on occasions, Denise you were perfect!”



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