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Strictly Come Dancing: Lisa and Robin is leading judges score board

All fourteen couples performed in the first and second night of the first week of the Strictly Come Dancing. Couples performed either a waltz or a cha cha cha.

Lisa and Robin amazed all the judges and got an amazing 30 points for their cha cha cha. Len called Lisa “funky monkey…” . The critical Craig had a positive comment to say stating that Lisa “can dance”.

At the bottom of the judges score board is Victoria and Brendon with just 16 points.

1. Lisa and Robin Windsor: 30 points
2. Kimberly and Pasha 28 points
3. Louis and Flavia Cacace: 27 points
4. Sid Owen and Ola Jordan 26 points
5. Denise and James 25: points
6. Colin and Kristina 23: points
7. Richard and Erin: 22 points
8. Dani and Vincent Simone: 21 points
9. Vaughn and Natalie: 20 points
10. Fern and Artem: 19 points
11. Jerry and Anton: 18 points
12. Johnny and Iveta: 17 points
12. Nicky and Karen: 17 points
13. Victoria and Brendon: 16 points


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