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Week 5 – Girls Take on Boys!

All three couples did an American Smooth. Snowdon and Chambers were at the top of the leader board, with a score of 35. Lunghi got 34 out of 40. Snowdon got some great comments from the judges. Len Goodman said that Snowdon’s proved to be a good dancer and that it was great. Bruno Tonioli said that she’s transformed from a goofy and gangly dancer to a smooth dancer. Craig Revel Horwood said that it was absolutely fantastic. Arlene Philips said that she was the bell of the ballroom. The top Samba score for the night went to Austin Healey and Erin Boag, they scored 32 out of 40. Philips commented on his muscles and said that they weren’t helping him but that his hips were fabulous. Tonioli pointed to the mistake Healey made and said that Healey knew when it happened and it stopped him.

The lowest score for the night went to John Sergeant and Kristina Rihanoff, who did a Samba and scored only 16 from the judges. Revel Horwood gave them only 2 out of a possible 10. After the scores were given, Sergeant bravely said to the camera ‘The public will save us!’ Philips said, that the dance was supposed to be a party dance and that she’s seen more fun at a party conference. Goodman said that it was very neat and precise but it lacked the carnival feeling.

Rachel Stevens with Partner Vincent Simone, Jodie Kidd with partner Ian Waite and Christine Bleakley with partner Matthew Cutler all got 30 out of 40 for their dances. Stevens and Bleakley did a Samba and Kidd did an American Smooth. Good man highlighted the little slip up that Stevens made but said that she came out and did a fantastic job. Tonioli said, ‘It was clean and efficient. I like the way you tease yourself into it’. Revel Horwood said that, the placement was good but that he was underwhelmed by Steven’s performance. Philips said that it was the sauciest and sexiest dance she’s ever seen. Revel Horwood said to Kidd that it was a vast improvement. Philips pointed to the fact that Kidd has got many horses and said that she was the dark horse of this competition and Goodman’s comments stayed on the same line, ‘All I want to say is you’re not a one trick pony, beautiful in hold’. Goodman said that Bleakley did a great job but she got on the wrong foot but apart from that she was great. Revel Horwood said that Bleakley’s covering and finishing was excellent. Philips said that her smile lighted up the floor and it made everyone want to get up and join in.

In the middle of the leader board were Don Warrington and Lilia Kopylova and Heather Small and Brian Fortuna. Warrington danced an American Smooth and got 25 out of 40. Revel Horwood said ‘I think you did an adequate job. Your shoulders were a bit tight’. Philips said ‘At the start the smile and the arm were great and it was fabulous, but you didn’t keep it through’. Small danced a Samba and she scored 23 out of 40. Revel Horwood gave her only 4 out of 10, and his comments were that it was lifeless and laboured and that the only good thing was the end. Head Judge Goodman said that Small was thinking about the steps rather than the performance. Philips said that, Small got into the dance at the end but not from the beginning. Tonioli agreed and said ‘Once you got into it, you were great but you have to get into it straight away’.

GMTV presenter Andrew Castle and his partner Orla Jordan and Olympic swimmer, Mark Foster and his partner Hayley Holt just got 17 out of 40 for their American Smooth and Samba respectively. Comments from the judges for Castle’s dance were a bit disappointing. Tonioli said ‘It was more dazed and confused than smooth’. Philips said that the most exciting thing was when the lift failed, and that she suddenly woke up. Goodman was a bit more supportive and he said, ‘No one is more disappointed than you. You had a go and effort and it didn’t work out tonight’. Foster wore a see through fishnet shirt to show off his Olympic swimming body and before they started, Forsythe said ‘Yeah, calm yourselves!’ at the audience who were getting a bit excited. Tonioli said that the timing was a bit off and Revel Horwood said that it was amazing to see such a magnificent body move in a bizarre way. Philips said that it was like a trashy Halloween party and that he forgot to dance.

Here are the scores for tonight:

Lisa and Brendan – 35
Tom and Camilla – 35
Cherie and James – 34
Austin and Erin – 32
Rachel and Vincent – 30
Jodie and Ian – 30
Christine and Matthew – 30
Don and Lilia – 25
Heather and Brian – 23
Mark and Hayley – 17
Andrew and Ola – 17
John and Kristina – 16



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