Types of Dances

Argentine Tango – Strictly Come Dancing

Argentine Tango is danced in two different embraces; one of which is very open in which both dancers connect at arms length, and the other is where the embrace is closed where the connection is chest-to-chest. The close embrace is often associated with the more traditional styles.

In Argentine Tango there is no basic step, and it relies on invention. Across all Argentine Tango one thing that is common is that the follower will usually be led to alternate feet. Also the follower rarely has her weight on both feet at the same time.

Argentine Tango is danced outside of the dance floor in counterclockwise.  When people are dancing together in Argentine Tango they can stop briefly in the line of dance to perform stationary figures, but this is accepted only when other dancers are not unduly impeded. If there is space infront of a dancer then it’s likely that there will be people waiting behind that person. There should be respect among dancers, where dancers should avoid colliding or even crowding another couple, or stepping on others’ feet.

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