Types of Dances

The Quickstep – Strictly Come Dancing

This dance has evolved into a very lively one with a lot of movement on the dance floor, with many hops, runs, quick steps with a lot of momentum, and rotation. The music of the quickstep is very fast as it was developed to ragtime era jazz music.

The speed of the Quickstep has increased by the end of the 20th century as done by advanced dancers. There are a lot more use of steps, and is danced “quick-and-quick-and-quick-quick-slow”, whereas before it is “quick” (one beat) and “slow” (two beats) steps.

Some of the basic requirements advised by the professional dancers are that the Quickstep should be a light, bright dance with tricky footwork. The dancers should appear as though they are dancing on hot coals. The movements should mostly be up on the toes because of the speed.

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